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HarborView Fitness is a full-service health and fitness center that provides its clients a variety of workout options and spa services. The 4,000 square foot waterfront facility is equipped with state of the art cardiovascular machines, free weights, aerobics room and circuit training equipment.

HarborView is a 24 hour gym accessible to members at any time. Non-members may participate in group fitness classes by contacting a BODYbyDONAVON trainer or registering via MindBody.

Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa yoga integrates breath and movement through a continuous flow of postures (asanas). This is a vigorous class that ends with deep relaxation. Suitable for both beginners and intermediate students, vinyasa will lengthen and tone muscles as well as build endurance, strength, flexibility.


Our IGNITE classes are 30 minutes of intense, focused exercises guaranteed to leave you feeling the burn! Geared to tone, strengthen, and define, Ab IGNITE zeros in on the core muscles of the back and the abdomen. Challenging exercises will target the lower and upper abdominals, obliques, back, and hip flexors.


Our IGNITE classes are 30 minutes of intense, focused exercises guaranteed to leave you feeling the burn! Glute IGNITE specifically targets the gluteus maximus, minimus, and medius (top, bottom, and side of the butt) as well as quads and hamstrings. If you’re looking to lift, tighten and define your lower half, this is the class for you. Give your butt the attention it deserves with Glute IGNITE!

Guts and Butts IGNITE

Our IGNITE classes are 30 minutes of intense, focused exercises guaranteed to leave you feeling the burn! Guts ands Butts focuses on strengthening abs, glutes and core muscles. Forget boring crunches and squats! A wide variety of exercises are used to strengthen and define these areas. If you looking for an intense 30 minute workout, you’ve found it!

Spin and Sweat

Spinning will enhance your speed, strength and stamina, improve your overall physical health and increase your caloric burn. Experience a full ride of hills, sprints and endurance intervals. You control your own resistance and speed in this non-impact class making it perfect for all fitness levels!

Step and Strength

Join us in the ultimate body-shaping, fat-burning, and strength training class. Step & Strength will tighten and tone abs, glutes, legs, arms and shoulders while improving strength, aerobic fitness, coordination and balance. This class can be modified to high or low impact and is suitable for all fitness levels.


You’ll get a full body workout in our TRX class. The TRX Suspension Trainer leverages gravity and your body weight allowing you to perform hundreds of exercises, including compound moves that work several muscle groups simultaneously. This class is suitable for any fitness level because you can simply adjust your body position to add or decrease resistance. Perfect for those who prefer a low impact workout, our TRX class improves strength, balance, flexibility and core stability.


A Latin inspired, total body workout, combining all elements of fitness – cardio, muscle conditioning, balance and flexibility. Experience boosted energy and a serious dose of awesome each time you leave class!


This unique cross training class conditions different muscle groups by combining various forms of exercise to develop stamina, agility, strength, and balance. This class will incorporate the use of resistance bands and free weights as well as the TRX and resistance bands. X-Training is suitable for all fitness levels. Keep that heart pumping and power up!

Sweat Box

This high energy class incorporates basic boxing moves with heart pumping cardio. If you’re looking for strong, sculpted arms and a serious calorie burn, this is the class for you. Get ready to SWEAT!

SB Body Barre

SB Body Barre takes traditional barre and Pilates techniques to a whole new level. Interval strength training using a handheld, weighted body bar will strengthen and tone muscles while challenging your core. Pulling principles from yoga, Pilates and dance, SB Body barre is a balanced combo of body sculpting and cardio calorie burn.

Personal Training

Having a certified personal trainer will dramatically increase your chances for success. A trainer’s expertise and motivation will help you meet your fitness goals, and ultimately create new ones. A trainer will not only teach you how to use equipment and machines properly, preventing injury, but also customize workouts and meal plans specifically for you.

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Harborview offers a wide range of fitness classes that will accommodate anyone at any fitness level! Our group fitness classes will boost your energy and confidence as well as make fitness fun! Whether you’re looking to gain strength and flexibility, lose weight, or to build your cardio and stamina, Harborview Fitness has a class for you.

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Have you wasted time and money on fad diets and fitness gimmicks only to find yourself frustrated by a lack of results? Maybe you’re struggling with starting a fitness routine or are unmotivated and unchallenged by your current one. Whatever your fitness level, whether you’ve never stepped foot in a gym or you’re an accomplished athlete, hiring a personal trainer is a proven means to meeting your fitness goals. Through Personal Training, Small Group Training and On-Site Training, BODYbyDONAVON offers several options to accommodate your budget and your schedule.


BODYbyDONAVON is a Baltimore based fitness brand committed to changing lives through fitness. Donavon’s holistic approach views fitness as a total lifestyle change; it involves incorporating positive thinking in addition to nutrition and exercise.

Donavon Israel is a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor with a 1st degree black belt in Taekwondo and an extensive background in both boxing and martial arts. Donavon is the founder of BODYbyDONAVON and has trained at numerous Baltimore gyms including True Balance Studio, Rev Cycle Studio, Bare Hills Athletic and Tennis Club, Federal Hill Fitness, Mt Vernon Fitness and Merritt Athletic Club.

His popular group training classes include Body Sculpting, Kickboxing, Self Defense and Interval Training. He also provides On-Site Training at numerous residential gyms, including Union Wharf, 1901 South Charles, Ritz Carlton, The Zenith, Brewers Hill and the Fitzgerald. In addition to individual training, Donavon offers convenient in-office training and nutritional seminars for your work place.

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